Eric Bressler

Eric Bressler is a Certified 4th Degree Instructor. He began his training at Duvall's Academy of Martial Arts in February 2006, only about a year after the formation of AIMHI. Along the way he had the honor of becoming the very first 3rd degree black belt that had trained, and tested, exclusively under the AIMHI banner. Instructor Bressler attained his current rank in March of 2018 as part of a larger event featuring several other high rank testers.  The very next week he started a new business in, and moved back to, his hometown of Rock Port.  The next step in his hapkido journey became apparent.  With the blessing of Grandmaster Duvall, Bressler's Academy of Martial Arts had it's first class in January 2019.  A small group of students took that challenge and now form the core of our ever growing ranks.