Soolgi, translated from Korean, means a 'clever trick.'  In line with the goals of Hapkido, a soolgi technique is a way to use an opponent's strength against them, to 'invite' them to do what you want them to do.  Nearly all of our taught soolgi techniques are done as a form of defense against a grab or attack, with the exception of the first set of Soolgi techniques that are learned.

Learning all of the colored belt Soolgi is equated to 'packing your luggage' for your black belt journey.  These soolgi techniques make up the foundation of many of the skills necessary for more advanged black belt techniques.  After the initial ten ranks of learning, the black belt journey spans many years and up to nine degrees, ensuring there is always more to learn for many years to come.

Il Il Long Dong (1-5)
Han-Sonmok Chapki (1-3)
2 months
Han-Sonmok Chapki (4-9)2 months
An-Sonmok Chapki (1-5)2 months
*Green Tip*
Yan-Sonmok Chapki (1-5)2 months
Yan-Sonmok Chapki (6-10)2 months
Do-Sonmok Chapki (1-5)2 months
*Brown Tip*
Do-Sonmok Chapki (6-8)
Han Son Chapki Ewi Bok Sul (1-2)
2 months
Han Son Chapki Ewi Bok Sul (1-8)4 months
*Red Tip*
Do Son Chapki Ewi Bok Sul (1-10)4 months
Dwi Soolgi (1-10)4-6 months
Yeop Soolgi (1-10)6 months